One of these days

You will be gone

It’s not your fault

There’s nothing wrong

With thinking about it

Or singing this song

Sometimes letting go

Is like holding on

I’ll always remember

The times you have left

The things that you say

The things that you do

As the end draws one-minute closer

These last years you have

Will tick away

Infinity looms

Like bones in the soil

Rain breaks the clouds

Wind rustles the trees

And the truest lies of a poet

Like something in the light

Are not explained

When forever has gone

The lines and the dates

Etched upon my stone

Will mark out the years

That are passing

Do pass and will pass

Every delicate

Fragile new day


painting; “underpaintings”

casein and 23kt gold leaf on wood board

12 x 15″

~ e l-b.


lyrics; “underpantings III”

~ Dan Sandman

(p) & (c) 2017 http://www.dansandman.co.uk

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